Thursday, May 19, 2011

Above and Beyond - TMobile

Last week I took a trip to NGS 2011 in Charleston, SC thinking I was to be meeting a few people and attending but finding out when I arrived that I would be presenting a class.

I had a Netbook - 10 inch - no projector - and I found out no internet.
I created a powerpoint presentation but had no way to show in any visible way. NGS hooked me up with a projector - thank you!

I really needed the internet in order to teach some basics about Commission Junction, and Blogger but to do that I needed a wifi connection of some sort.

I drove over to the Local TMobile store and asked them for help since I had unsuccessfully tried to install PDANet to tether to my netbook. Tanya was there that day and started looking for answers. She not only painstakingly got PDANet to work but she also installed a program called easy tether and then to top it off she and Bret also from TMobile fixed various problems on my phone - downloaded and installed Android vs. 2.2 and after much trouble convinced my phone to install it. At that point Android 2.2 allowed me to simply turn on a wifi signal which I now use whenever I need a connection.

Needless to say most people would have given up after 10 or 15 minutes - these two took turns not just downloading and installing but researching a variety of problems as this is a new version and this upgrade had not been performed many times before in their store.

My class went well and many new affiliates have started blogs - created CJ accounts and started sending affiliate clicks.

Thank you Tanya Martinez and Bret Lucarelli for going beyond what was expected and really helping me out.


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