Friday, March 19, 2010

I need health care - but I want it with no Obama mixed in

I work for myself these days and have not yet figured out insurance. Seems like I would be the perfect candidate for Obamacare....yet, I'm not a bit interested in what he has to offer.

Obama - do you think I want you forcing your beliefs and plan on me?
You're wrong - I don't.

I wish I was an artist - I have a picture which keeps coming to me - it's Obama in a Dr. getup sitting on top of a patient and force feeding him health care. That's exactly what he is doing - despite the will of the people. I won't be surprised when this passes - and I won't be surprised when it fails to provide the care and pricing the Democrats think it will.

I think Obama, Pelosi and many others should and will face impeachment for these activities and criminal acts. Yes, I think it is criminal to ignore the will of the people when placed in a high office.

Keep praying America.

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