Monday, January 18, 2010

Sanjay Gupta and Anderson Cooper - Heroes First - Reporters Second

The disaster in Haiti is tragic and beyond anything we have seen in a long time.
I want so bad to go there and do all I can to help but without the proper resources I'd just be one more mouth to feed.

As I watch the news coverage from various networks I am in awe and thank God for two Men, and their teams, Sanjay Gupta and Anderson Cooper. Thanks to CNN for providing some of the most valuable men in this race against time.

Watching Sanjay save life after life through his medical knowledge makes me want to start my life over and head down the path of a doctor so that I too can help.
Yet as I watch Anderson who is simply a really good man doing some great reporting he makes me feel more like why can't I be as valiant as him. These two men are setting the example for all of us and how we should live our lives. They simply help people and report at the same time, it appears to me that helping is their primary goal and reporting second.

These men not only deserve a Pulitzer they also deserve the respect of the world for what they are doing. There are thousands out their in Haiti doing all they can to help but none more visible than these two who are constantly helping and reporting.

I know that the US and much of the world are doing all they can to help but its not yet enough. As I see the coverage it is very apparent that we need to do more and get the food further into the neighborhoods where people are starving to death.

The recent story of 85 elderly simply starving to death is beyond belief. Obama and the world should be taking direction from the reporters who are finding the problems and sending teams immediately to where they find the need.

Its easy to sit on the side lines and judge but in this case there are thousands of lives at stake and it simply looks like our efforts as a nation are not yet enough.
We should have food and medical equipment dropped in by the planeload until they have more than enough. Yes it will cost a great deal but our country can afford it and needs to save these lives and the nation of Haiti.

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