Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Standing up for beliefs

I was very proud of Jonathan Volk yesterday.
He refused to go to the playboy mansion party put on by AzoogleAds for their best performing affiliates.
I like Jonathan and Azoogle but I can't stand that for the past many months everything they do and or say has some sort of reference to it. Hey guys I don't care how much money or how free-spirited you are porn destroys families I have seen it first hand. It's an evil trap and all the glitz and glitter is just a false front on a very destructive inner core. I'll tell you who suffers - its the kids who no longer have a daddy because he was caught in the trap and no longer lives with them. But, having said that this is your choice - you choose what you want I have no intention of forcing my opinion on anyone.

Oh - and way to go Carrie Prejean for suing the California pageant association. No, Carrie is not perfect. She has done things that are way out of line for any good Christian. Nevertheless she certainly has the right to express her voice without getting canned just like everyone else.

Next step - we all need to promote offers that are real - that do not rip off consumers in any way. I think its time we all take a step back and analyze what we are doing.

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