Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Seth Godin - Hershey, American Airlines and

Is Seth Godin Big Enough to make a difference?

I wonder if this great post written by Seth Godin will make a difference……to more than just Hershey.

In the marketing world we all know who Seth is.
He’s the guy that does, has, and will make a difference.

When he insults your brand, your phone service – you better listen – he is the marketing guru of the decade. We all love Seth.

But, is the CEO of Hershey paying attention? Richard H. Lenny stepped down in late 2007 -David J. West replacing him. David are you listening to Seth?
If you are then send him a truckload of your best chocolate – give him a call – work things out with him. He is a super bowl ad – and you just had a negative one.
I know I am nobody – don’t worry about me – I don’t like dark chocolate – I love the creamy milky stuff from Lindor – I love it when it melts in your mouth all at once – very smooth.

Back to my point – I dread – absolutely dread calling any 800 number! I just know that the script driven voice on the other end hates me and does not want me calling in at all! The worst is when I call in and have to ask – now what country have I reached. I tell them I love your country – but I’m doing business in the US please transfer me back to my country where they speak my language and where there is not a ten second delay each time he or I say a word - making the conversation nearly impossible. That foreign rep just doesn’t understand things like – I don’t give a hoot about your policies just help me get this straightened out. That does not translate well.

Today American Airlines, are you listening, cancelled over 850 flights. No doubt you are already receiving thousands of calls. Gerard Arpey, are you giving your people the authority to save your company, image - brand? Are you allowing them the freedom they need to pacify these people (long-time valued customers) you have made mad (inconvenienced - left high and dry)? Remember, it is not their fault that your planes need inspections and did not get them forcing you to take them out of service to make those needed inspections – for the second time.

In my program, – how am I doing? Am I answering the calls and replying to the emails soon enough – well enough?

I will try harder – Seth is right on – these contacts are the true marketing of our brands.

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Monday, April 7, 2008

Protestors of the Olympics scaling Golden Gate Bridge

CNN is now showing protestors as they climb the Golden Gate Bridge and hang banners protesting the upcoming Olympics.

See live feed from

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