Friday, April 4, 2008

Another one bites the dust .... ATA, Aloha and now Skybus

Well, I was right - the list keeps growing. At this rate we are going to have to learn to fly from the birds in the backyard. Hey Pelicans can you help me grow some wings - I might have to fly myself to Hawaii in a few weeks.

CNN you may want to just create a new tab on your home page

I took this picture last Sunday in Lehi, Utah - we have some White Pelicans literally in our backyard. They are really fun to watch - the take off and land like super jumbo jet - large and lumbering. I guess I might have to enjoy them more often as there are fewer and fewer real planes taking to the air.

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If you have not yet merged offline with online - you ought to start with becoming Linked In

There is a great blog post written by Lisa Barone at

Its all about personal branding and indirectly about Linked In.

I recently posted about the power of Linked In and have been reading a lot of good stuff about the power of personal branding – networking etc. Today is the first time in many months that I skipped a Utah First Friday’s event – and I did that only because I don’t have too much time today and the topic is small business taxes. Nevertheless I fully support UFF and other organizations and hope their next steps will be to step up a notch and become more involved in online marketing, personal branding etc.

Many who attend the monthly event are still in the offline world not realizing the power of combing the two. I have made many wonderful connections while at these events but it seems the many of the bankers, real estate agents and others simply are not using online media enough and certainly not online social networking etc.

If they could tap the power of search, seo, affiliate marketing, lead gen, etc. they may be able to accomplish in a few hours spent online, at for example, what they spend hours trying to accomplish through offline marketing and networking only.

View Mark Olsen's profile on LinkedIn

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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Adios ATA - Aloha - What's next Delta?

Last week my Dad called, then one brother then my twin, then a sister, a sister in law and on and on. It was as if someone had died.
I found out that Aloha Airlines decided to wimp out and pull the plug not only on their business but also on our trip to Hawaii. Those with arrangements on Aloha figured it all out many of them asked my wife and I how we were getting there – ATA we said – we called and they said we are unaffected and completely safe.

A week later ……
This morning – my wife runs upstairs – we can’t go to Hawaii! ATA filed Chapter 11 yesterday! My wife called my dad, my brothers, my sisters, in laws. We got it all figured out – many of us chose Delta.

Please stay tuned – as we await further notice from Delta……..

I have a whole lot to say about the ceo's involved....but let me gather my thoughts and make that a separate blog. The only words that come to mind at the moment are not very nice.

Of the 76 of us going to this family reunion on Waikiki over 60 were affected by one or both of these bankruptcies.

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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Fill me in...... Twitter

I just don’t get it. Twitter that is. I have been following a couple people and a few have been following me – but really – what is it all about?
Makes no sense to me at all.
You see teens texting non-stop but I don’t really see many in the business world texting. I see quite a few answering the important emails – but not just sending out stupid, meaningless messages.
As I have watched and waited for something good to happen I have watched one user
And see things such as
In airport
Going to hockey game
Good hockey game
In boston in canal

And other such nonsense – completely useless junk.
Now if I were a fan of some huge celebrity – more than a fan – a celebrity junkie or paparazzi. And I just had to know what was going on every minute of the person’s life – then sure as a legitimate stalker I would want them to tweet everytime they went to the bathroom, to a game, airport, to sleep at night etc.

Am I missing something – I find Twitter absolutely and completely useless – not only useless but simply a waste of time and text messages.

Fill me in…..

Just found one useful thing from jangro's site

the most important commands…
leave username - disables updates from one person
leave all - turns off all updates
off - disables twitter updates (seems redundant with leave all)

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