Thursday, March 27, 2008

Linked In Update - and info for JOB SEEKERS

I have mentioned the power of Linked In several times on my blog.

How's this for powerful?

Before I began really using linked in and connecting with people - I would see something like this on my log in page -

Your profile has been viewed by 2 people in the last 30 days . In the last month, you've appeared in search results 4 times.

Tonight I see this message -

Your profile has been viewed by 13 people in the last 5 days . In the last month, you've appeared in search results 344 times.

13 people viewing is not that great but then again I have already added most of my new connections - a few days ago that number was much higher - but, the message that I appeared in search results 344 times - that's awesome!

If I was looking for a job - that is what I would want to see - people finding me.
If you are looking for a job stop and think about that - having 344 people finding you and all of them have their own connections - what better way to find a job.

Job Hunters - get busy -

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Random Thoughts and a new game - Bounce

I spend quite a while every day reading up on all aspects of online marketing. I feel it is very beneficial and keeps me in the loop on what is going on all around us.

Amit Mehta is my new favorite blogger – he is very up front and just says it how it is. Today he wrote a great blog to which I responded.

So here are a few dilemmas I have when blogging.
There is just too much to talk about! I can’t stick to just marketing – there is so much more to life than just this little niche. Fun, exciting yes, but there’s more.

So forgive me if I am not just an online marketing blogging type of guy. I have more to say than that.

Anyway – here are some random thoughts.

Don’t be a thin affiliate – create something you really care about.
I did just that the other day with two new blogs – one about Smart Cars – I think they are great but they certainly have their issues. But – at least they are an attempt to get back at the money hungry big oil execs…..don’t believe the lies about the prices – sure the price of oil is high – but the gas price is much too high for us here in the US – only 20 years ago we were paying a buck. Over the past 5 years or so the oil execs have played a game on us – it looks like this – and the media have played into it!

The Oil Game - Bounce
The media are great – I have had some good experiences with them – but they are forgetful for some reason.

They can only see so far in the past.

How come the media can't do a real story which combines all of the facts. Oil execs huge bonuses, Price of gas going up and NOT coming back down, and the rest of the story. Every spring the stories are the same - gas going up - new blend - every fall same - gas going done - regular blend - but! the prices don't go down - to where they were. They are playing with us - and it ain't tricking me!

Hey oil dudes - Meet my new goal - getting rid of you completly!

photo from

This bad boy gets up to 1,000 mpg. Oil execs you won't get much out of me at that rate!

I'm tired of being taken by you guys.


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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

please DONT email this spammer

Benson Smith
show details 2:41 PM (33 minutes ago) Reply

Dear Friend,

I am Dr. Benson Smith. I have been in a partnership with some North
Americans for some certain crude oil business here. Suffice to say that we
have made some good profit amounting to couple of millions of dollars
which is already in the custody of my partners in America.
Due to some obvious reasons and discreet nature of our transaction, my
partners in America have asked that my own share of this profit shall not
be disbursed directly from them to me here. They have authorized me to
seek and appoint in confidence another party located in America or Canada
to act as my receiving agent. This is why I make this contact with you. If
you think you are honest and capable to receive this money on my behalf,
do not hesitate to get back to me. Upon your response, we shall discuss
other modalities to include your commission for every amount you are to
collect on my behalf. Note that you have no expenses whatsoever to make in
this transaction. All that is needed of you is your honesty and ability to
collect the money as and when due. Note that there is no expenses
whatsoever to be made by you about this. All that is required of you is
honesty and ability to receive any amount as and when due.

Please treat as confidential as possible and mail via this email;

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Super deal on our affiliate network

Special Offer through March 31st – Super Payouts!

We have an educational client that needs more volume now through the end of the month and they are willing to pay for it. We are paying much more than our normal price and would like to get as many affiliates in on this as possible. If you can sign up let me know – you will have 6 days of top dollar payouts!

Getting Started
We are looking for affiliates that can run search (no tradenames) and banners/text and send traffic to our landing page. No host and post for this particular offer. You can frame the offer if that makes sense for you to do.We will be happy to answer your questions directly if you will email me or call.This is a promotional offer expiring at the end of March. About Our ProgramThis is a new program managed by Datamark, a 20-year leader in education lead generation. Our website is still under development and we will be adding new clients soon – so this is your chance to get in early and benefit from a more direct relationship with our premier education clients. Our mission is to provide affiliates with competitive payouts, customization, and personal attention.Watch for more from us in the coming weeks.Call me now at 801-886-2002 x 284 for complete details, or Sign Up Now

Mark Olsen Affiliate Program
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A personal note because this is MY blog - sign up with us now! We are going to be the ONLY place to go for educational affilaite programs - lean gen etc. We are not huge yet - online - but will be soon - we are migrating our offline colleges to be online - The corporatation itself is involved in all forms of offline and online advertising - my job is to grow the online affiliate program.

Get in now while its young - make yourself known.

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Monday, March 24, 2008 Affiliate Payouts

Increased Payout for my Affiliate Program

Hey Affiliates – we have a very very good payout for Walden through the end of the month.

Give me a call or sign up at to find out more.
Don’t miss this chance.

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