Saturday, March 22, 2008

Liberty at our Eagle Court of Honor

Today we had a court of honor - not just any court though - an Eagle Court of honor for DJ and Justin.

Steve from the Hoogle Zoo brought Liberty the Eagle down.

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Wow - big exploding star

Read this.....

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Get off the couch and get Linked In

I have been aware of but not adequately using Linked In for several years now. When I started here at I decided it was time to update my list of contacts – and what better way than Linked In.

As I have spent some time using it, reading about it and learning more about how to use it I have become a big fan.

I recently attended an event at Utah First Fridays, a networking group held each first Friday of the month,, and listened to a great presentation by Jason Alba a friend and CEO of He pointed out some great tips on how to use Linked In and I have tried a few of them and as a result have made great progress in connecting with people that matter. As you have read in my previous posts I am currently tasked with setting up and growing the affiliate network where we will run our education lead program. More about that to come in other posts.

Back to Linked In – I have spent some time searching out old and current contacts and as a result have renewed relationships with people who are now reaping the rewards through affiliate commissions and other partnerships. The interesting thing is that I don’t have to directly benefit from a connection – instead they many benefit by connecting through me with a new partner or I may benefit from them and so on.

Anyway – get busy – log on to Linked In and use it to its full potential! Today!

And – if you are looking for a Job – make Linked In your job. Get in there and get dirty.

Linked In Tip - Set it up so that your summary sells you – use SEO – put in your keywords - make this your resume.
(I am not looking for a job – but I am seeing recruiters and hiring managers stop by and take a look – why – because I have it set up right making me easy to find.)

The new thing in marketing – specifically branding is self Branding – YOU are a company – YOU are your own CEO – sell yourself! Market Yourself – tell people you exist and that you are good at what you do regardless of what that happens to be.

Another Tip - Ask Questions and give answers. If you are looking for a job and not using Linked In Questions and Answers you are shortchanging yourself and you family.

Another Tip – on your list of Sites – use other – then spell out the name of the site and links to it – try it out for yourself – look at my profile and you will see what I mean.

Need Help – ask me I would be happy to give you some pointers – help you connect with hiring managers and decision makers. At this point my network is fairly limited at under 300 connections – but its getting bigger each day and I have had great success already.
(by the way you don’t have to get a deal of any kind to be successful on Linked In – a success in itself is just keeping up with all those people you have met over the years.)

If you would like to buy I’m On Linked In now what – by Jason Alba – go to his site at

Happy Networking – add me to your network – and look around mine – If I can help you please let me know.
Cougarmark at gmail

And - anyone looking for a job – get off the couch and NETWORK!

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

A call for super affiliates - top affiliates

I am looking for super affiliates - top affiliates to join a new network.
Please look me up on Linked In and connect with me. We are creating a massive educational network and could use you in our program.

By the way....Hurray! I just got Linked In with none other than Shawn Collins! Thanks Shawn I look forward to working with you.


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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I guess I should post again…….

I guess I should post again since some may find this blog after Paul Allen referred to it yesterday on his blog. I had previously written about him and good CEOs spending time blogging and doing what they preach instead of simply preaching all the time.
I have not yet had the chance to meet with Paul face to face. I have worked at a company started by him, TGN -, and have followed in his footsteps in reading what he has written and trying to do what he is doing but that’s about as close as I have gotten thus far.

10% - I must first congratulate him and praise him for being the type of CEO who actually invests in his employees – and through his employees his customers. I was very happy to read that my blog helped convince him of the need to allow his company some time to work on their own family history and in the process build on what World Vital Rec has already done to advance the work. I need to work on my own! Tim – I hope you will also do this if you have not already – while at Ancestry I was encouraged to keep up with my own research and provide some feedback – but realistically…….nope.

What I have been up to -

Since leaving I have been working for selling custom seo solutions to new clients and connecting with prospects big and small. While I continue working with SEO as I work through prospects I am now working full time as an affiliate manager for the Affiliate Network recently set up by Datamark.

The reason I started down the seo path was the Ancestry affiliate network – as we researched our network we saw many affiliates that did not have seo in place, did not understand it – and desperately needed it. I was not so worried about our top or super affiliates as they knew and still know what they are doing. Instead I focused on the second tier – just under the top affiliates – those that were on the verge of becoming really big but just didn’t quite have it all together to make it. SEO is that last step to go from being an average un-noticed affiliate to a partner of super affiliate status.

I continue in online marketing including lead gen, affiliate, affiliate manager etc. but…..what I really need to do is somehow support my family while also doing family history. I have the degree and the knowledge but don’t yet have a way of doing anything big for family history while also helping improve the ability of people to find and connect with their families and antepasados – as George Ryskamp says – Si, se puede, and I am sure that eventually I will combine family history with online marketing and social media and the internet and be able to support my large family while doing it.

I want to discuss a few things here over the next few posts – hopefully all coming soon instead of once a quarter or so.

Topics –

  • Affiliate Marketing Life Cycles from my perspective
  • Lead Generation – how to
  • CEOs – so what?
  • Social Media and Web 2.0
  • Networking online - finding a job or building your network
  • News – and real news – and news I see but can’t find
  • – what sets us apart
  • Affiliate Marketing for real – not thin, spammy, parasitic sites
  • About Me – Who am I and what topics am I into
  • Online Marketing
  • Family History
  • Family
  • Online Safety and general safety from sex offenders and the like
  • – nothing there yet
  • SEO sales – not a technical viewpoint – instead a message to execs making the decision to buy or not – to run inhouse or outsource
  • What I am not
  • more.......

    Right now I will tell you straight-up I am looking to make the premier source for education leads. DataMark is a well-established company with a great reputation – now we are looking to build off of that and establish the Network – Affiliates Please do visit the site and sign up and please also ignore most of the site because as it stands now it is mostly a place holder - we are working on a solid version.

    Thanks for reading.


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