Saturday, September 8, 2007

Ancestry - Cache this!

Well now that my opinion no longer matters - see previous post. I have an opinion.

The IBC was a very good thing. I think you are right - it should be free.
But now it is gone - I do not know what they are going to do but I certainly hope they bring it back and when they do I hope I have something out there they want to cache. As an affiliate of Ancestry I especially want them to cache me. Anything they can do to get people to my sites is good for me. Besides, I am in this for family history first and anything else such as registrations - second.


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Friday, September 7, 2007

Looking.....Affiliate Marketing Manager

(written September 4th - held in order to allow time for proper notifications to be made.)

Today was my last day as the Affiliate Marketing Manager of - owned by The Generations Network.

Tim Sullivan and gang have a great product and are doing everything they can to promote that product. To make available over 6 billion names takes a lot of time, money and technology. has done much for family history. Paul Allen and team got the ball rolling with the creation of and they continue doing great things at World Vital Records - I will have to now spend some more time researching them and see what it is they are adding to the mix.

There is nothing like affiliate marketing - especially if you truly believe in a product. Everyone can be a salesman for the products they believe in.

I for one continue believing in - the service they provide is wonderful.
What a fabulous mission statement - 'Connecting Families Across Distance and Time'.

What could be better! Families are the number one source of our happiness - connecting them is very important!

I will tell you straight out - I have longed to be part of the affiliate program since the day I started but could not sign up as I was running it! Watch out here I come! My mission will be to get as many of you to at least give Ancestry a try as is possible.

Onward and Upward!


----September 7
Update - today is my last official day at Ancestry - I am not working today so I will now go ahead and post this.

Today - another blogger mentions the major changes going on in the affiliate program - I suppose Steve you are referring to me. I would not say that is a major change. As everyone knows the program has evolved and in the end they are good changes. As an affiliate now myself I feel the changes make it possible for me to promote Ancestry - a product I love - and make some good things happen in the genealogy world.

To be clear I left Ancestry on very good terms - I was asked to be an affiliate and will do just that. My leaving was not a result of poor performance - it was exactly the opposite. The program is now much more manageable and more cost effective. Things that were seen as good in the past are now gone - the program now is running as it should have been years ago. The focal point - the top affiliates.

There are not enough people finding out about their origins and family history. I plan on changing that. My sites will not be typical. Since the day I started as Affiliate Manager of I have been giving my advice on effective websites - sites we wanted in the program. I have not created a single one of these sites as I did not want there to be any conflict of interest. Now I am free to create as many as I want - I have already started and my goal will be to help and other useful genealogy companies get more people involved in Family History.

You'll be hearing more from me.


For anyone out there who is hearing about for the first time through this blog - give it a try! It is fabulous - the techs at Ancestry have created a powerhouse that will begin researching your history for you today. Once you have created a free tree - the technology takes over and like an automated robot it does the searching for you.


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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Mark Olsen

Mark Olsen – The Generations Network – May 2006 - Present
Affiliate Marketing Manager
· Thorough understanding of all aspects of online marketing including main role – affiliate program management
· Moved the entire network of tens of thousands of Affiliates to new tracking platform to enhance reporting, and overall program effectiveness and reach
· Reduced affiliate program size in order to maintain cost efficiency
· Continual analysis of reports and individual affiliate performance to determine next steps, focus and direction of program
· Reworking off the entire affiliate program due to business needs involving tracking, reporting, sales, commissions and more
· SEO advice and website reviews
· More information available upon request

Orbizon, Inc., May 2004 to May 2006
Sales Manager, Internet and Affiliate Marketing
· Thorough understanding and knowledge of online marketing, sales and business
· Sales Revenue increase to One Million in two and a half years
· Established relationships with many key affiliate networks, lead brokers, online schools and other custom relationships to ensure long-term availability of advertising campaigns and profitability
· Overcome ongoing lead generation challenges of quality, conversion, retention, quantity, ongoing sales, fraudulent clicks, cross-selling, payment and collections
· Establish new marketing campaigns and strategies
· Write up of Insertion Orders - work as go-between with technicians from both sides to launch the campaign
· Work with Affiliate Managers, Owners, Brokers and other key people to ensure a successful campaign
· Ongoing account management of established accounts
· Account reconciliation and dispute resolution to ensure payment
· Find and implement new partner and affiliate relationships to ensure profitability
· Sales, Billing, Collections, Account Acquisition, Account Management
Public Relations Manager of Public Service Websites, including
· Obtained media attention and publicity and acted as spokesman
· Site featured on major news networks – Fox News Live, CNN, MSNBC, Newsweek
· Drove up to 100,000 individuals to website simultaneously
· Maintained thousands of visits to website after media attention
-- Resulted in being listed on Google over 20,000 times in just six months

Ford Credit, June 2001 to January 2003
Bilingual Skip Tracer and Loss Prevention Specialist
· Investigated accounts when all other efforts had been exhausted
· Resolved delinquency or took possession of collateral
· Controlled delinquency and repossession losses
· Financial counseling - Spanish calls - 50% or more

Check Point Software Technologies, April 1998 to May 2001
Supervisor, Technical Account Management
· Customer satisfaction of premier accounts, including many Fortune 500 companies
· Developed, edited and maintained flow charts, forms and web content
· Supervised, hired, trained and coached five account coordinators and nine customer advocates
· Maintained 50 major accounts
· ACD system, including changes to ACD schematics
· Customer service calls, emails and escalations
· Instituted, developed and maintained Team Guide of FAQ's, procedures, policies and flowcharts
· Implemented, administered and maintained Goldmine Database
· Sent to Israel to resolve huge customer service backlog; excellent results and turnaround time

IBM Techline, November 1997 to November 1998
Queue Manager
· Increased productivity by 80%, using available but unused technology
· Routed issues to the correct expert as quickly as possible

Technical Skills
· Microsoft Office and Windows current programs – computer savvy – type 50+ wpm
· Other specialized software packages according to job requirements
· HTML, Excel,

Other Skills
· Fluent Spanish speaker and writer
· Eagle Scout
· More than 10 years customer service experience
· Good judgement and excellent problem-solving skills; innovative solutions to complex problems
· Strong organizational, time management and communication skills
· Flexible, adaptable, proactive, self-motivated – a “go-getter”
· Natural leader

Brigham Young University Idaho (formerly Rick’s College)
Associate Degree

Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah
Bachelor of Family History, Spanish Emphasis
**Intern – Genealogy researcher in Spain, France and Portugal, Summer 2003

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